Pandemic brews new startup

A couple of months into the Shelter in Place mandate due to the Covid19 pandemic, with bars and breweries shut down, the idea for Waldear Kegerators was born.  Proprietor of  WK said he and his dad were producing too much waste with bottles and beer cans at home. They brainstormed how to build their own kegerator  so they could enjoy fresh craft beer on tap at home.

And it was green! But, how do you promote a brand new product during the Shut Down?.

We had several sessions to lay out everything WK needed to put in place to start up the business and promote it. His father is a high-end cabinet maker  (Waldear Woodworks) and so the kegerators are beautiful with a classy Mahogany or Teak top

Marketing strategy: start with ‘who we know’ – family, friends, and his father’s clients and designers. We aligned the name of his business with his father’s to launch his image and credibility,

Working Images conducted an image and messaging session and helped Waldear Kegerators set up their business. Then the logo and website. We put a strategic plan together to market WK. We knew it would be an evolving document.

Introducing the Waldear Kegerator to family and also to friends in their late 20s and 30s scored the first two sales. Then neighborhood demonstrations were a big hit! 6’ apart for free samples.

Video captured his demos of how cool it was to ‘pull the tap’ and also captured how they build the cabinet and assemble it. Communicating their talking points in everything they did was essential. WK talking tagline: “I’m creating a business that allows people to drink craft beer at home from a sleek custom-built kegerator.”  Talking points: A Waldear Kegerator enhances your lifestyle, creates community, and elevates your evening. Social Media strategy: include at least one of these talking points in each post in words or images and make it fun!

Waldear Kegerators is on its way! He established B2B relationships with the breweries he will feature and they in turn will display his leave-behind postcards with his story. Stay tuned for more news!

What we did:
  • Strategic counsel
  • Image and messaging session
  • Business establishment
  • Development of PR + Marketing Plan
  • Logo development
  • Website plan
  • Social Media event promotion

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