Marketing Machine keeps them building

With a crew of over 15 people working with him, this contractor had no time to market his business. In the beginning Working Images started with who he knows. We started contacting friends/clients and their connections who posted reviews of his work to their networks, like the Berkeley Parents Group. It was a great start for referrals. Photos of his work were gathered from many sources, along with  photoshoots so we could then build his website. That was two websites ago.

They started out as Centerline Construction in the East Bay and expended into William Patrick Builders serving both the East Bay and Marin/North Bay. Over the years we worked hard to maintain his online presence with photos of current work and monitoring his reviews on social media, adding testimonials to the website. We initiated campaigns to outreach designers and architects and introduce him in the North Bay, supplying postcards with photos of his work. Most recently we produced a new logo and collateral for him which is also used on signage and company trucks. What keeps the machine oiled is that each December we revisit our marketing plan and retool it for the next year.
What we do:
  • Develop & update marketing plan
  • Monitor Before and After photos; maintain files with digital images
  • Update social media & website
  • Houzz, Yelp & NextDoor  –  updates and maintenance
  • Logo and applications, postcards
  • Connect with potential customers
  • Email marketing and social media campaigns

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