Athletic event grows doctors’ practice

They had just moved from Oakland to Emeryville and Bay Area Orthopaedic Sports & Spine (BOSS) brought Working Images in to help establish BOSS in the community and build awareness of its orthopedic practice.

Our PR strategy included targeting their audiences – active families and athletes preparing for the Triathlon season, refining the logo, creating a new nonprofit and launching the Shortest Triathlon Ever as Emeryville’s first athletic competition. We boosted their image in the community and garnered visibility in the Bay Area market through local media coverage of the events and our social media strategy.

The practice in Emeryville grew each year and The Shortest Triathlon Ever is now the signature event of the City of Emeryville. It’s a regional fun triathlon with the goal to get the community off the couch and onto the streets running. Key to success: we promoted that the race is so short, anyone can do it!

In its tenth year, all five City Council members participated. We also created packaging and directed the marketing for BOSS’ Rehab At Home videos for their orthopedic patients and targeted our marketing to include other rehab specialists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

What we did:
  • Created an integrated marketing & PR plan
  • Executed building the Community Relations component
  • Developed The Boss Foundation, nonprofit organization
  • Logo for Boss and for BOSS Foundation
  • Created graphics and copy for Rehab at Home cd and flyer
  • Created, launched, and managed the Shortest Triathlon Ever
  • Created all graphics and signage forthe  race
  • Shortest Triathlon Ever photos
  • Produced a BOSS Magazine, Press Kit
  • Handled Media Relations
  • Connected BOSS with the City of Emeryville

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