Image turnaround connects kids with possibilities

At the time Working Images came on board, no one wanted to send their kids to the Emeryville schools because of recent scandals and low test scores. A new superintendent moved in to change all this.

While he turned around the test scores, we worked very hard partnering with parents, staff, and nearby higher educational institutions to access the resources we needed to address the needs voiced to change the image of the school district. And we did.

We created their first logo, brochure, and website. We determined the brochure had to be welcoming. It opened as if you were opening the doors for newcomers. We started a mentoring program and businesses got involved.

The Emeryville Unified School District partnered with Pixar to expose students to film making, storytelling, and skill training. Pixar’s art and creativity spilled over the tall fencing and showered the community. The Incredibles joined us to launch the new image and tagline: EUSD: Where Partners Power Student Success, resulting in strong media coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area and a 25% increase in ¬†admission application requests.

One of our talking points for the school district was their fabulous Secondary School Jazz Band under local jazz great George Spencer. Working Images got them to San Francisco to play for the Salvation Army’s launch of the ‘Season of Giving’ two years in a row. For some, it was their first time in Union Square. Josh on piano here in mittens because it was cold and rainy outside of Macy’s. Coverage on all local stations and beyond. Hired to play for two SF events following their debut!

What we did:
  • Strategic branding and communications plan
  • Strategic information-gathering meetings with parents, staff, students. higher education institutions
  • Image development, messaging
  • Photoshoots
  • Logo development with design guide
  • Brochure
  • Website development
  • Stories
  • Partnership building with the community & institutions of higher learning
  • Outreach specifically to Pixar Animation Studios and to local businesses for internships
  • Press releases
  • Launch execution

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